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You've seen the pretty baths all over Pinterest. It's time to take a pretty bath and take care of yourself, girl. It's more than a pretty bath, it actually has healing effects!

Woman in Wellness & Recovery, we love diving deep into traditional healing practices used by our ancient ancestors.


The healing powers of herb-infused waters have been celebrated for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Egyptians where Cleopatra was said to bathe in rose petals."

In modern times, we are busy, we keep so busy that we forget about self-care. Self-care is more important than ever. Self-care is more than just getting our nails done, our hair done and taking care of our outward appearance. Although of course, we want to take care of our outward appearance, and that is important but taking the time to work on our energy, our inner selves.

Here are a couple of ways to up your bathing experience and elevate your mental health:


Setting your intention for your bath is easy. Tap into what you need the most from your bath and let it's healing go to work. Are you needing to relax your mind and body? Are you needing to let go of negative energy? Getting into the mindset to heal and work on what you need is step 1. Become really intention about these baths and see the difference.

"The practice of a herbal bath is not only aesthetically pleasing but also rejuvenating of the mind, body and spirit."


Soaking in a warm fragrant herbal bath provides a quiet sanctuary in which to retreat, reflect and refresh.

The healing properties trapped in the herbs and released by the water can help boost your mood, calm the mind, soothe sore muscles and joints, opens pores, soften skin, and promote more restful sleep.

As the beneficial properties of the herbs are released into the water, a pleasant aroma fills the air which provides soul therapy, skin therapy, and aromatherapy all in one.

You can enhance this effect by adding essential oils and plants to your bath, making it a perfect moment of tranquillity and relaxation.

You can choose a variety of botanicals to customize your herbal bath experience depending on your specific needs or preferences. Some herbs provide a lovely aroma while others have medicinal value as well. I have created many lovely herbal baths simply from the herbs in my kitchen.

You can collect flowers and herbs from your garden or purchase organic herbs from your local farmers' markets. You can use them fresh or dry them for later use.

It does not have to be complicated.

You can also purchase dried herbs. Be sure to choose organic, no need to have pesticides or other nasty additives in your tub.

Herbal baths are also great for kids.

Gentle organic bath herbs can help soothe the skin and relax fussy babies and toddlers.


From ancient times through the Middle Ages, different nations of the Mediterranean and Near East used aromatic herbal baths widely for medical purposes. They had bath houses with baths in different temperatures for what the individual needs. It was more of a group event. Although that's no longer the case, and nowadays we have our own personal bath in our homes, you can still make it an experience and reap the benefits. The benefits are mentally, psychically and spiritually.

Choose your essential oils to up the experience and get the aroma in your bath. My favorites are lavender or eucalyptus. Add 10 to 15 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Set aside 20-60 minutes for your practice. Remove any phones from the space before you begin.


Lighting a candle for a particular purpose or intention is practiced worldwide from people of all walks of life, varied spiritual leanings, and a diverse array of religions. Lighting a candle symbolizes bringing light to our wishes or desires. There are special energy and symbolism that seems to come with the lighting of them. And when used to meditate or manifest on, they can be rather powerful.

It should be noted, that while candles do indeed possess special energy, they are by no means an easy fix for life’s problems. As with any meditation or ritual, what you receive is only reflective of the amount of work you put in to achieving your goals. But intention candles are a great way to get clear about what you want to bring into your life. Happy manifesting!

"When you get rid of your dead skin, you are representing letting go of the past, and starting over new."


Exfoliating, is another additive to this experience (if you wish you add it to your herbal bath) can be both mentally and psychically rewarding. First, baby smooth skin anyone?! We all want that! Secondly, it brings a glow to your skin. The most important reason to exfoliate your skin - is the intention and what it represents. When you get rid of your dead skin, you are representing letting go of the past, and starting over new.

I recommend that while you scrub away your dead skin and your past, you say what you wanting to let go. Whether it be a way you've been feeling, a past relationship - the things you may want to let go of are limitless - say them while you scrub away.

This practice is meant to be your own, whatever feels right for you. There is no right or wrong way to take an intentional herbal bath for all it's benefits. You can make it short and sweet (we recommend at least 20 minutes) or can make it as long as you want. You can purchase the herbal mix already ready to go, or you can grow your own garden!

This can go much deeper:

  • Lighting different color candles, represents different intentions and symbolizes different things. For the basic, clear intentions, I recommend starting with a white candle.

  • Different herbs have different physical and mental healing aspects.

  • Different Essential oils have different physical and mental healing aspects.

  • You can cleanse your space with Palo Santo or Sage.

Happy Bathing!

Let me know if you tried this and how you felt afterwards!

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